Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice

Welcome to FSEJ

The FSEJ was formed in 2004. She was conceived specifically as a resource- builder and mobiliser, to coordinate and catalyze the class-based struggles and organizations. At inception, the idea was specifically, about forming an organization outside the mould of a traditional NGO.

The FSEJ was conceived as a center that would serve as a support base to the growing movements and calls for people’s participation in decision-making and benefit from the economy. To circumvent the limitations imposed on the democratic movement, the FSEJ was envisaged as an independent coordinating center, not a political party, yet espousing the values, ideals and beliefs of a democratic society premised on reversing patriarchy, promoting equity and equality for all Swazi citizens.

By all accounts this was an innovative vision and mission designed to amplify the voices of the citizenry and awaken their active participation to advance the course of their humane destinies (deflect the States attempts to silence the Democratic Movement).  Therefore the organization is the center for alternative ideas, and leader of a progressive socio-economic justice movement.